Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council, under the leadership of the Bishop, plans and promotes diocesan work subject to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese and all directives of the Convention. It has the authority and responsibilities of the Diocesan Convention between annual convention sessions with regard to matters of the finances and program of the Diocese and is accountable to the Diocesan Convention. The Council shares in the overall responsibility for the financial life of the Diocese and makes an annual report of its proposals and achievements to the Convention.

Presiding officer. The bishop or, in the case of a vacancy in the episcopate, the president of Standing Committee shall be the chairperson of the council. The chairperson may appoint a moderator to conduct the business of the council.

Selection of representative members. The trustee member shall be chosen by that body, the convocation representatives shall be chosen as provided in these canons, and the bishop shall appoint and Diocesan Council shall confirm the chairpersons of the commissions.

Members of the Council are:

  • The Chair shall be the Bishop

  • One clergy and one lay representative from each of the six convocations, not members of the same parish

  • Chair or designee of the Diocesan Finance Committee

  • Chair of the Committee on Mission Resources

  • The Chairpersons of Diocesan Council Commissions

  • One member of the Trustees of the Diocese

  • A non-voting Secretary appointed by the Bishop

  • A non-voting Treasurer appointed by the Bishop

  • A moderator appointed by the Bishop

The Diocesan Council has responsibilities in the areas of resources, church development, human services and ministry. Meetings are normally scheduled monthly between September and June.